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Body Soul Spirit

Annual General Meeting

Body, Soul, Spirit

The 2017 AGM is taking place on Wednesday 29th March 2017 at 7.30 pm in the main church building. Join us to learn more about what's happening. PROPOSED AGENDA 1. Welcome and Prayer 2. Minutes from the last AGM 3. Eligible members 4. Selection of tellers 5. Brief Presentation (pastor Nick Serb) 6. Proposed Motion (Items 1 and 2 in the letter) 7. Voting Process and Counting of paper ballots 8. Prayer Tea and Coffee Break 9. Ministry Reports 10. Financial Report 11. Approval of elders and deacons 12. Praise and Prayer

March 29th


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Domestic Violence and the Church

Body, Soul

Affected by domestic violence: 1 in 3 women 1 in 4 men According to the PSNI report the level of domestic abuse crimes and incidents recorded in 2014/15 is the highest level recorded since 2004/05 when statistics collation, in its current format, was introduced. 28,287 incidents with a domestic motivation were reported to the PSNI. The PSNI responded to a domestic incident every 19 minutes of every day. 13,426 domestic abuse crimes were reported (approx 13% of the overall crime in Northern Ireland). 6 murders had a domestic abuse motivation (representing 37.5% of all murders in Northern Ireland). There were over two and a half times as many domestic abuse crimes (13,426) as drug offences (5,048). There were more domestic abuse crimes (13,426) than burglary offences (8,937).

January 28th


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Church and Self-Harm (An open Seminar)

Body, Soul, Spirit

The seminar is part of the Care and Counsel continual training programme. It is taken by Pastor Nick Serb, who has been recently trained in dealing with self-harm. It is said that the total numbers of presentations in Northern Ireland for self-harm and suicidal ideation for the financial year 2013/14 was 12,076. There were 8,453 self-harm presentations to emergency departments in Northern Ireland, involving 5,983 people. Surely, as a church, we can play a huge role in giving people hope and a safe place to deal with the emotional pain behind self-harm. This is an open seminar for those who desire to understand self-harm and learn how the church can support and love those in need. Self harm is a serious issue and we want to equip the church and remove the misunderstanding around the topics. Please let us know that you are coming. Venue: Transformation Centre, Gregg Street, Lisburn Times: 10.00 am - 12.00 pm Tea and Coffee provided.

November 12th


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