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Sunday: 11:00am/6:30pm / Wednesday: Prayer 7:30pm  

Gregg Street, Lisburn, BT27 5AW

Body November 21st 2017 09:48


The 2017 AGM is taking place on Wednesday 29th March 2017 at 7.30 pm in the main church building. Join us to learn more about what's happening.


1. Welcome and Prayer
2. Minutes from the last AGM
3. Eligible members
4. Selection of tellers
5. Brief Presentation (pastor Nick Serb)
6. Proposed Motion (Items 1 and 2 in the letter)
7. Voting Process and Counting of paper ballots
8. Prayer

Tea and Coffee Break

9. Ministry Reports 10. Financial Report
11. Approval of elders and deacons
12. Praise and Prayer

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