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Like every other man,

I had a dream to build a house. 

I made the plans and drew the lines, 

and after many days and months 

of working very hard

I had my house, mu dream came true,

it was the perfect house. 

It had a porch and many marble columns, 

the library was vast and right beside

a proper study room. 

All other rooms were neat and clean, 

and so I thought …

until one day an early knock 

disturbed my quiet, lazy life. 

I opened my front door, 

and … I was stunned to find

the unexpected guest … was Jesus Christ. 

I asked Him in 

and still surprised

I offered Him a tour. 

First, it was the library, 

the tens of books

Nicely arranged and clean. 

Proudly I said: 

Can you see Jesus, 

how much I’ve read? 

Look! Here is Mark Twain and Blaise Pascal, 

I have so many Christian books, 

Are you now pleased with me? 

I looked into His clear, deep eyes, 

To my surprised, I saw some tears. 

I couldn’t understand, and so I said: 

Allow me Lord, to show you my study room. 

And on the walls, 

I showed him my degrees. 

Look Jesus! Here is theology, 

psychology and languages. 

I’m educated and content. 

Look at my work,

the article I wrote, 

the poems and the teachings aids. 

… I stumbled and I stopped. 

His tears were evident, 

He was disturbed. 

He asked: where is My Book? 

Where is My work? 

What have you done? My precious Words? 

My pride was smashed, 

He had a point. 

He took my hand 

and softly whispered in my heart: 

“As from today, my dear child

Your hand should write the words of life

and from your labour, I will make

fishers of men, 

eternal monuments of faith.”

We went to dine, 

but all I had were bitter herbs. 

The food of slavery and pain. 

After a while He softly said: 

I am the bread of life, 

My words are sweet. 

They are the strength you need today, 

reach out and eat!

So, days went by …

Jesus was guest, 

and every day that passed, 

my busy life was getting worse. 

My time was short, 

my body tired. 

I needed sleep. 

No time to talk, no time to share, 

until one I was Him out. 

He took His bed and all His clothes, 

He went to sleep, 

out in the cold. 

I asked Him: Why?

Isn’t my house enough for you?

Isn’t the food enough for two?

He said: Oh, they are fine, 

It is the smell …

You still have habits to repel, 

the dirty thoughts, 

the smelly words, the stinky jokes

You use with friends. 

Again I cried …

He had a point. 

He was completely right. 

I asked forgiveness, from my guest

and begged for help, 

to clean it up. 

While I was cleaning, 

this sudden thought, 

came rushing in …

… the title deed … 

I went upstairs, 

and found it on my desk, 

I saw my name …

My shaking hand reached for the pen, 

with tears down my cheeks, 

I crossed my name, 

and wrote: the Lord!

You see, my problem was

that from the start, 

I thought that it is just enough,

to have him as a guest. 

But that was not enough. 

I had to make him owner, 

Forfeit my right, 

and so my house, became His house

His life in mine, and mine in His. 

That’s what He meant, 

Now, it’s a bliss. 

His blessings flow, 

His Joy and Peace are residents.

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